The Giant Statue Of Christ Standing In Poland

If you are thinking of a new travel destination and are lacking imagination, my travel advice is to visit Poland. You may wonder why? Because it’s a country of numerous sights, wonderful ski resorts, perfect beaches of the Baltic Sea, and home to the tallest statue of Christ. Your trip toPoland is surely going to be a fascinating one especially now, when a new sight is standing there – the Giant statue of Christ.

image2 The Giant Statue Of Christ Standing In Poland

At the end of last year a new sensational event took place in Poland, capturing the interests of thousands of tourists. On the 20th of October, 2010 the world’s largest statue of Christ the King was arisen in a small Polish town, Świebodzin, near Polish-German border. Actually, the statue resembles the world’s famous statue of Jesus Christ standing in Rio de Janeiro. However, it’s taller and has a golden crown on its head.
The white gigantic monument was created by Sylwester Zawadzki, a 78-year-old priest. Sylwester Zawadzki was inspired to carry out the idea “coming from Jesus” stating that it was the culmination of his life’s work as a priest.
The monument is 108 feet or 33 meters high, one meter standing for one year of Jesus Christ’s life. Overall the statue is about 171 feet including the mound it stands on (53 feet) and the crown on the head (10 feet). Jesus spreads its arms at about 79 feet.
This event has a very significant role in the Polish people’s lives as this Catholic nation would spare no effort to PLEASE the God and show their true faith in Him.
Świebodzin is undoubtedly going to be one of the best places to travel one day due to the white miracle statue overwhelming tourists from different parts of the world.

pomnik chrystusa krola w The Giant Statue Of Christ Standing In Poland

The Giant Statue Of Christ Standing In Poland

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